Monday, November 9, 2009

Global hazards of gold, coal and oil

Global hazards of gold, coal and oil

Present day anthropogenic arsenic emissions from gold, coal and oil
mining already surpass natural emissions from volcanic sources which
were linked to the extinction of dinosaurs in geological time. “This
is a change of paradigm of catastrophic proportions”, says Sergio
Dani, author of "Gold, coal and oil" on his article published in
Medical Hypotheses.

Arsenic ranks first in national and international lists of hazardous
substances. Colourless, odourless and tasteless arsenic has been
traditionally referred to and used as "the king of poisons". One tenth
of a gram is enough to kill an adult man within a few hours. Much
lesser quantities – something as the millionth part of a gram being
chronically inhaled or ingested over months or years – can cause
various types of cancer, vascular and renal diseases, neurological
diseases and diabetes among other diseases.

Source: Medawar Institute for Medical and Environmental
Research/Acangaú Foundation, October 2009.
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