Friday, November 13, 2009

Metallomics opening new frontiers for brain research in Germany

Metallomics opening new frontiers for brain research in Germany

Sergio U. Dani, Germany, Tuesday 3, November, 2009.

BrainMet, a new lab dedicated to the bioimaging of metals in brain and metallomics is scheduled for opening on December 9 this year. The new lab has been set up at the Central Division for Chemical Analyses of the Research Centre Jülich, in Jülich, Germany.

BrainMet is led by Dr. J. Sabine Becker, a worldwide renowned pioneer and expert in the field of mass spectroscopy. Becker and her group are credited with creating and developing a novel elemental analytical LA-ICP-MS technique using the near field effect with spatial resolution at the nanometer scale.

“Since trace elements are involved in a number of metabolic and physiological processes in the human body, and their deficiency and excess may lead to different metabolic disorders, much attention is paid with respect to the spatial distribution and the local concentration of trace elements in tissues”, says Becker.

BrainMet will be opened with a colloquium. For more information and registration to the BrainMet Colloquium, contact Mrs. A. Wiebecke at:

Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Zentralabteilung für Chemische Analysen (ZCH)
52425 Jülich
Tel.: [++49] (2461) 61-4263
Telefax: [++49] (2461) 61-2560

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